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Enrolment is closed for 291 courses in Jan 2019 semester:
Choose from 4-week (Set-1 or 2), 8-week (Set-1 or 2) and 12-week (Set-1 only) courses in any field

  • Set-1: Courses start on 28th Jan 2019 (Enrolment closed)
  • Set-2: Courses start on 25th Feb 2019 (Enrolment closed)
  • Exam dates: 31-March (83 courses); 27-April (102 courses) and 28-April (106 courses)

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Total Enrolments for Jan - April 2019 : 1619064
Total Exam Registrations for Jan - April 2019: 203984

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Status for March/April 2019 exam: